How to make downloading faster

In this chapter, we will explain how to make the freeware ExtraTorrent faster. The basic rule is to keep the outgoing and incoming communication smooth. With the smoothness, the download speed shall be increased.

This guide is referenced by the forums, FAQs and guide from the developers. Therefore, the guides are developed from professionals, which shall help you.

You might find some programs that claim to increase the downloading speed of ExtraTorrent. Those programs are spyware or Adware. You are not encouraged to download and install such programs. As mentioned above, by just simple rules, the downloading speed shall be increased.
Below we will explain several basic steps to optimize the download of ExtraTorrent.

Choose Proper Port

Due to several reasons, some ports are already blocked by the ISP, and some ports even conflict with other programs. Therefore, people are encouraged to check the ports first to see if the network ports are cleared.make-downloads-faster

Featuring with the testing of the port function, the ExtraTorrent is pleased to check the blocked ports for you. If you failed to test, you are suggested to select the proper one. Most ISPs block the range of 6881-6999 because these are the common ports used by Bittorrent programs. The safety zone is the range of 49160-65534. Normally, no ISP will block this range, and the possible conflicts from other applications are limited.

Forward Port through the firewall and router

Some routers block the ports for security reasons. If people like to use those ports for incoming communications, exception shall be made. In addition, some firewalls also block the ports for outgoing and incoming communications.

Before people are trying to resolve the issue, they are encouraged to consult the manuals from the routers and firewalls. This guide only provides suggestions based on the settings from ExtraTorrent. However, for specific settings of the routers and firewalls, the best way to obtain such information is from their manuals.

If people understand the port information, they can then forward the ports in the ExtraTorrent program. Therefore, the communication for incoming and outgoing will be smooth.

Adjusting Internal Settings

In addition to the above, people are encouraged to adjust the internal settings of the ExtraTorrent application. The most critical setting shall be the limit of upload in the software to be 80%. In theory, the more upload people are allowed, the more download they will get. However, if they set the limit to the extreme like unlimited, the download speed might not increase, because the incoming speed occupied too much bandwidth. The best cap shall be 80%.

With the above simple settings, people shall be aware of the significant increase in download speed. However, before the settings, it is suggested people do a speed test. Through the test, people shall understand the slowness in download speed is contributed by the ISP’s bandwidth or wrong settings in the ExtraTorrent tool. If people can confirm there are wrong settings in the program, they can then follow the above suggestions to optimize the speed.