Check whether your VPN or proxy is working

check-vpn-proxyIt’s actually fun, and at times it’s quite necessary too to share many files using torrent. However, the only thing that concerns most of the torrent users is that will your personal IP addresses be exposed to the rest of the world.

While downloading or seeding a torrent, you well know that your personal IP address is being exposed to many other people. There will be monitoring groups too among those sharing your files, which can even misuse your information for many other purposes. Hence, to ensure your privacy, you will need to use a torrent proxy server or a VPN. Have you checked whether your VPN/Proxy is working or not?

As a matter of fact, by using an anonymous VPN or Proxy server, there are high chances that your personal IP address can still be exposed. Hence, here are few easy but efficient ways to keep a check on your IP, and to ensure your privacy.

The Efficient Open Source Solutions

There are few very efficient open source solutions to check the torrent IP, which the innovative developers have come up with. You can easily install such a tool on your own server. To make things even simpler the tools use magnetic links. It’s with the help of the tool that you can easily download any magnetic link, which when loaded to your torrent client, will display your IP address.

You will also find other important information like the timestamp and the version of torrent client that you are using. Besides, such tools can also deal with VPN connection drops, ill-configured proxy, etc.

Checking Your IP within Your Torrent Application

Ok, so you don’t want to install any software or run any open source code to check as to whether or not VPN/Proxy is working in your torrent client. Fine, now you might be happy to know that there is an alternate and simpler way too to check your IP. The question here is how? You can do it within your torrent client site.

Just click on the “Tracker” tab of your torrent client. Under it, choose “Status” and then property. This way you can easily find the IP address. Most of the torrent clients constantly display the IP in this tab. However, other clients can display it through a pop-up.

Now that you have found out the IP address, the more important thing you might be bothered about is whether or not your VPN/Proxy is working. Hence, to ensure it, you also need to check the IP-address in your web browser.

If you are connected to a VPN, the two IP addresses (torrent and browser) will be the same. However, your torrent application will display a different IP address than what is in your web-browser, when you disconnect the VPN. On the other hand, if you are running a proxy, you will see a different IP address in your torrent than as in your web browser, while connected.

Hence, with these simple but effective ways, you can easily ensure that you are safe and secured while using your torrent client.