Best VPNs for anonymity

best-VPNsPeople have spent years to try out and rank VPN providers in the world. The aim of the study is to consider whether the privacy is protected seriously.

With the setup of the VPNs for anonymity, the user activity shall be protected and linked to the external IP activities and addresses. However, the first stage of the study showed that the performance of the anonymous VPNs is not as good as expected. Therefore, follow up study has been proposed to monitor even more critical questions.

Follow Up Questions to the VPNs for anonymity

As the first round research did not show acceptable result, the follow up questions are here to clarify the protection of the VPNs. The most critical aspect is how much information from the users the providers will keep. For instance, they have questions if the providers keep logs of the users’ activities, which might have high chance processed by any 3rd party. In addition, the providers might have chances to share such information to others. Therefore, the protection of the user activities and information cannot be guaranteed.

When the providers of VPNs received the DMCA or European takedown notice, there were special steps of the service providers to follow.

In addition, people are interested in their payment systems, and the types of linkage between systems and accounts for individual users.

Below, we will describe the best VPNs for anonymity from the ranking in media. The topics focus on the above mentioned aspects.

1. BTGuard

BTGuard is one of the best VPNs for anonymous online browsing. They do keep any record from customers, because of privacy reasons. Since they do not keep the log files, there is no information they will share to others and 3rd party. The customers’ personal information is protected.

Normally, BTGuard does not get communicated with 3rd party. However, when there are court orders, they might be instructed to offer the personal information per law. Up to now, they have never experienced such scene.

Since BTGuard does not have open incoming ports, they could not stop the takedown of any infringe broadcasting content. It is one of the rooms they think they need to improve.

Currently, they accept direct payment from Bitcoin and Paypal. In the coming future, they are going to expand the scope to include credit card. Therefore, the payment method is more convenient to the users.

2. Private Internet Access

The Private Internet Access also obtains the higher rank from internet users. Similarly, they do not keep any logs for customers. Since they utilize the shared IP addresses, it is more difficult for hackers to match the IP activities for the users. Additional solutions are implemented to maintain them as one of the best VPNs in the world.

Their company policy does not allow sharing the personal information to others, unless there are valid court orders. Otherwise, no information will be shared to others.

As the leaders in the field of VPNs, they comply with DMCA. With the experienced legal department and proprietary technology, the information of their customers is strongly protected.

The Private Internet Access accepts most available payment methods, such as PayPal, Amazon, etc. In addition, they encourage users to pay with the higher level of anonymity, such as the Bitcoins.