Application Features

ExtraTorrent is a popular torrent-based search engine that is similar to more popular engines such as Torrentz and the Pirate Bay. It acts as a search engine for torrents by indexing all available ones on the internet and allowing users to search for them using their torrent search engine. Users simply type in keywords related to what type of data they want to search for. ExtraTorrent searches through the files they have indexed and returns the files back to the user and ranks them in order of relevance. Users then have the option of downloading the files using the popular BitTorrent software, or they can bookmark the files for downloading later. Below are some of the popular and unique features built into this system.

Combines Private and Public Trackers

One of the reasons ExtraTorrent is so popular among torrent downloaders is because it combines the power of both private and public trackers. It uses the power of a single web crawler which searches every nook and cranny on the internet for the most popular and relevant torrents related to the keywords that were inputted into the search field. This makes searching for your favorite games, movies, videos or shows quick and easy.

Stores Files in Database

Each time you download a file from ExtraTorrent using BitTorrent, that file is also saved into the system’s online servers. If you create an account you will be able to go back and review the files you have downloaded and access ones you may have lost. This also improves security of data as they are stored in ExtraTorrent’s safe and secure databases which cannot be broken into easily.

Download Different Types of Files

ExtraTorrent searches for hundreds of different file variations while completing its crawling of the webs. Unlike other torrent search engines which may only be concerned with the popular formats such as .MP3 and .ISO, this tracker takes time to search for every available torrent file so they can be available to all users. Common types of media that can be downloaded from ExtraTorrent include video games, computer games, music, movies, TV shows and eBooks.

Track your Downloads using Cookies

A cookie, other than being a delicious treat, is the term used by tech gurus to describe a piece of information that is continually stored over time. ExtraTorrent uses cookies to track their torrents and networks and keep track of who is downloading what. This helps them streamline their servers and speed along the entire download process. This also eliminates the need for registration before a user is able to rate, review and comment on each torrent they download.

Get the Modern Download Tool

Another great feature of ExtraTorrent is its great torrent client. You can fill out your user profile and retain the program from its website quickly. Being a member gives you numerous benefits and advantages you wouldn’t get from being just a visitor including totally free downloads, much faster download and search time, and the ability to store your downloaded files inside its databases for later retrieval if needed.