If you are looking for an extra torrent to be downloaded to your PC, be sure to check out the ExtraTorrent website where you can search, filter, browse and download latest movies and music with ease. Many people are not aware of the capabilities that the world wide web gives and therefore often don’t use the opportunity. Just open up the right site, download yourself the torrent client and you are ready to start using ExtraTorrent wide offers. Join millions of other users who have been sharing files for a long time now, in order to provide everyone the same high quality they are experiencing.

With the increasing complexity in the world of information technology, the different software and hardware components have a candid role to play. The utility software has diverse functions and facilitates multiple operations supported by the use of programming languages. Website development and web designing require strategic programming. The search options in websites also require specific programming techniques. There is also a requirement for software that would facilitate file transfer and downloading comfortably. An application which has become popular among the movie lovers is the ExtraTorrent download tool. This helps any user to search for different movies and music files and easily download the same without surfing through a number of websites. One should make full use of this software in order to have a short cut approach and save time as well. Its demand is increasing as it helps to:

• Prompt file transfer and downloading
• Avoid file corruption and data alteration
• Comfortable for use in platforms using different operating systems

The wide variety of online and offline transactions have to ensure a highly secured fund transfer system that would ensure payment authorization to the clients. The safe online transactions will help in generating good business and enhance good will in the market. The availability of the software development companies is no less but versatile software will make the portal attractive for its visitors.

ExtraTorrent software review

The installation of this program is easy and compatible to operating systems as Windows, Linux and Mac. It helps to a very great extent in managing one’s torrent searches. In fact, ExtraTorrent has an effective search option, which is able to optimize the search mechanism. Once the best torrenting program is installed, it becomes easy to run media and also archive files. It is better to have a p2p file sharing system to facilitate better networking. This is one of the best of its kind to manage users’ downloads and the torrent searches. This tool has made operations easier. One can join this site by signing up on its homepage and make the installation in the system so as to make the most of it. A non-member is denied to access for security purpose and maintaining confidentiality.

How the file sharing works

The use of computers is inevitable. Right from the grassroot level till the research of highest order demands the use of computers. This over dependence is noticed in every related field – be it education, business, communication, scientific research and entertainment. These days there is a frequent use of Torrent to transfer files by the use of Bittorrent protocol as this enables easy transfer of files between the different peer group computer systems. This online protocol has proved to be essential in file sharing in peer to peer systems. Due to rampant use, it comprises a large majority of the internet traffic. This search engine makes downloading and transferring easier. The ExtraTorrent file transfer protocol helps in transferring files from one system to another within a short span of time. In order to facilitate computer to computer file transfer and sharing system for torrents, there is a requirement of installing a torrent client, which will help in easy interpretation and use of the protocol. The torrent files help to connect each other by locating the Bittorrent trackers like ExtraTorrent, which brings about the connectivity. By the use of this software and the search engine, one can direct his search to the focus point. ExtraTorrent will supplement with a list of search results. One may choose the appropriate torrent file from the list. The torrent files and trackers act as the intermediary that provides the interconnection between the systems, through a tracker which helps in tracing the required files for uploading. The torrent software makes downloading faster, easier and can be done within a short span of time.

Why use this application

ExtraTorrent serves as the public directory for torrent files. It is considered to be one of the largest torrent trackers. It yields results with accuracy due to its highly advanced programming system. This particular search engine is meant for searching of different media, games, music and other type of files. Its own crawling and indexing system in several websites is an added advantage. Its index comprises of nineteen thousand trackers and around 5 million torrents. It is at par with most other major search engines. It has a large client base of over 68 millions.

ExtraTorrent operates the public as well as the private torrent trackers. The public trackers like the Pirate Bay torrents can be accessed by everyone at a large whereas the private trackers are used by those possessing specific password and global access is denied. It is accessible only for members who have an authentic password. This software has the credibility of high indexation. One can opt to be the member on the receipt of the invitation by another member. However, there are specified limits set for the volume of permissible download by the users. They encourage them to upload files too. A predetermined ratio between uploading and downloading has been set. A ratio of 1:20 indicates that a user will be permitted to download 20 megabytes of data for every 1 megabyte of data uploading. This prevents an individual user in being a leech to seek all the advantages and make no contributions. The private networks allow for the sharing of only specified files. ExtraTorrent differs in a way that its membership is not based only on invitation.

Another feature of this website is that it provides a rating system for its files and their sources for the downloaders of torrents. This feedback provides a cautious indicator to the users. Torrents which have low ratings should not be preferred for downloading; instead another file should be sought. This is a technique to maintain the quality of the site and upgrade from time to time to receive better appreciation. It turns out to be one of the most demanding software. The simplicity of its use makes it one of the most wanted items. It had been able to position itself and serve the needs of its present and potential users.

There are certain controversial issues pertaining to the Bittorrent search engines which narrate that it allows the sharing of files illegally and should be discarded from the internet. But as a matter of fact ExtraTorrent has been functioning successfully since five years and is becoming more user-friendly by the introduction of the free downloading option. In its developmental stage it has generated a remarkable business and future will see sophistication in the technology applied in its maintenance and betterment. The improved versions are expected to be launched in the near future. Undoubtedly the competition is stiff and the complexity is unending, there is a requirement of customized software development focusing on the independent objectives of individuals, firms and business groups.